What is meditation

You might have seen about yoga and meditation, while scrolling down web pages on the internet and you ignored it like you ignored those shitty advertisements displayed unnecessarily. Or you may have ended up with “SOME DAY PERHAPS” when you were passing by a gathering performing yoga in the morning or when a friend tried to mention you her pleasant stay in India and learning yoga and meditation. I also know people who believe Yoga is just stretching and meditation is kinda switching off their brains to zero. But amid all these uncertain thoughts while dealing with your helplessly hectic routines and tedious assignments you keep missing peace of your mind. You will probably seek refreshments in shots of “Tequila and Vodka” and end up with a hangover but no peace. This is high time to ask Google what stress does to people, and why it is important to deal with it immediately. Perhaps this is the right time to explore ancient wisdom from Hindu Sages, which has been serving humanity for thousands of years. In this article I am sharing some basic ideas regarding meditation and giving a spotlight on cardinal steps for beginners.

What is meditation?

Primarily, let’s find a way out of the myth that in meditation you put your thought machine to zero like you re-calibrate your measuring instruments. Your brain has achieved the ability to process thousands of thoughts in a million-yearlong evolution process that put us on top of the food chain. There is no way you would like to stop it. But in meditation we learn to control the flow of thoughts, learn to flow with it, explore its genesis, supplement it with positivity.

With this infinitium everything is linked with the flow of energy, getting from one system to another, in one form to another. In this way all the events in this universe are linked by a continuous flow of energy. Considering the fact that all living creatures are made of fundamental units called “Cells”. Inside cells, millions of reactions maintain this flow of energy that keeps cells alive, and so does the organism. Similarly, for the human body all the cells, including the one that makes our nervous system, receive Oxygen to retrieve energy from glucose and use it to maintain the vital force we call life. You are already aware of the benefits of positive thinking. So, when you do meditation you not just learn to control the flow of thoughts but also how to harness positive energy and to generate positive thoughts. I am using science to be more reasonable with Ancient wisdom of Hinduism rather than embarking to follow because it’s what it is said in the Veda (sacred books of Hinduism).

There are many ways to meditate, but the most common is to sit quietly for a few minutes. So meditation is to feel your inner self, to interact with your vitality, to explore the part of infinity in us, to become aware of the god in us and to explore and harness centers of energy in our bodies. And all this simply starts with a flow of thoughts.

Now the important question is how to do it? because I know what happens when you try to sit quietly for some time. Our mind works as a pop-up center to display thousands of useless thoughts and we dissolve in them and the outcome remains a big zero.

To know that please follow my next article “How to do meditation- Guide for beginners”

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