How to do Meditation- Guide for Beginners

How to do meditation- Guide for beginners

As you are reading this article, I assume you already know what meditation is? If no, then I would strongly recommend you to read my previous article “What is meditation” before going further.

I believe the prime motivation for our actions, is to know “why”. Likewise, it’s important to know, why we need to do meditation?

We live in a busy world, where people are so obsessed with work and you can get thousands of excuses to avoid doing the right thing. I also know people who keep saying, they are way too busy in their miserable lives to find 10 free minutes for their own good. It’s like I am too sick to take medicine to cure disease. Here is the point, your brain controls the activities of your body, via neurochemical co-ordination (I know its blah blah science, but please follow). So, brain not just control your senses, your memory, your reflexes and your mood but also activities of the organs in your body like heart, lungs, liver, kidney and pancreas etc. Logically all should go well if all is in co-ordination. Problem starts when you start facing stress, sorry my bad it’s “STRESS”, which kills this co-ordination, and influences aforementioned activities of your brain. Meditation helps you to improve your Neuro-psychological health, which allows you to perform better in personal, professional, social and economic areas of life.

Now I am starting with a direct note, addressing the question, How to do Meditation? Let’s follow some basic steps.

Preparations before meditation-

There is no strict rule for what and which state you should be, before doing meditation, albeit I believe a clean body and a clean mind always helps. So, it’s good to take a shower before meditation but as I said it’s not necessary. On the contrary cleaning your mind is very important indeed (explained in pranayama).

Time and place – You can do meditation at any hour of the day form morning to night. Time somewhat near to dawn in the morning or in the evening near sunset is considered better. Similarly, there is no specification regarding the place. You can do it in your bedroom, balcony, rooftop or in open places like in the park. Point of consideration is fresh air and quite surrounding, the more the better.

Body posture- Body posture must be notably considered, as success of your meditation depends on it.meditation-postures

Irrespective of how you sit or how you fold your legs you need to keep your back straight. Simple science, spinal cord runs inside backbone, starts from neck, in continuation from your head, keeping it straight helps proper conduction of impulses and energy that you are going to harness. Now here is a glitch, for a beginner its difficult to sit in these postures, even for 5 minutes. So, let’s start it slowly, for two minutes and relax your back a bit and try again and relax, keep doing it while your whole session. Gradually increase your time of sitting straight, eventually it will come to 10 minutes, yes primary goal is just 10 minutes.

How long you should meditate?

you can start it with as low as five minutes and can extend up to 20 or 30 minutes as you become expert.  As there is no practical limit, I know some saints in Himalaya meditate for 4 hours or 6 hours and some dedicating their lives to reveal the secrets of mind and meditation. The simple plan that I am following with my meditation group is,

5 minutes for general stretching before meditation

10 minutes for Pranayama

10 minutes for meditation

You can do all three steps or only meditation and increase the time to 20 minutes in following days, as per your comfort.

“Pranayama”– “Prana” means life and “Aayama” means to extend or amplify, pranayama means to extend your life. You can find various kinds of pranayama, but I am mentioning the simplest one here and it’s a kind of meditation as well.

  • Sit in the aforesaid posture as per your comfort.
  • Breath in as much as you can.
  • Release your breath slowly with enchanting “OM”. You can also hold your breath for 10 seconds or more following release with OM, to maximize the effect.
  • Repeat the same for 10 times and increase the repeats to 20-30 in future.

How it works– Ok guys back to science, as I mentioned in the previous article, oxygen is used to retrieve energy from carbohydrates, we take in our food. This energy is used in metabolism (bunch of reactions that keep cells alive). As you inhale more oxygen, all the cells in the body specially in the brain, get more and fresh energy. Just like light kills darkness, this fresh energy rejuvenates everything, removes junk thoughts, boost your consciousness and so happen with other body parts. Pranayama strengthen your lungs and prevents those beastly infections resulting Bronchitis or Asthma. The good thing with pranayama is, that it benefits right away, like you do it now and you feel it now. 10 minutes of pranayama in morning can keep you active whole day and you will feel the difference from day one.

Note– if you have any lung or breathing disorders, please consult your doctor, before practicing pranayama. Otherwise its totally safe.

Meditation– After pranayama continue with meditation. Sitting in the same posture, close your eyes and sit quietly or follow some enchantments like OM in your subconscious. Feel the energy you have harvested in Pranayama flowing throughout your body. There will be thoughts, lots of them, let them come and go, let them flow one after the other. Dwell in the sea of thoughts, but keep trying to be on track with OM. Its not a struggle, but a free flow, its like flying in the infinity, feel it, feel the connection between your spirit and Universe. Relax your eyes, and facial muscles, smile a little and keep it that way. Keep your eyes closed, avoid any interference or noises. Just follow the Om, the light, your spirit and the whole Universe, all is here, right here in your subconscious.

It’s easy and simple, you just need to practice more. As I mentioned, you will feel the difference from day one. Its you, your spirit and your connection with the infinity. It’s a journey of self-exploration, walk it, explore your path, improve and keep going further. I must mention again, do not stress yourself, relax and flow free.

That’s all, you have everything to start. Its your time to explore and trust me you don’t need a reason to meditate, it’s a pleasure in itself. Once you stick with it, benefits are far more than our imagination.

Good luck, please share your thoughts and experience in the comments. I would love to help if you need to know more. Please share to help others.

Thank you.


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