A trip to small town Aculco

The municipality of Aculco is located in the Mexican highlands, one and half hour by road from Mexico City ; It is part of the State of Mexico and its municipal seat bears the official name of Aculco de Espinoza (formerly San Jerónimo Aculco ). It belongs to the Jilotepec region and is located in the northwestern part of the State, bordering the State of Querétaro . 

The town of Aculco was founded around the year 1.110 d. C. by the Otomies , great indigenous culture that lived in the center of Mexico, despite its name comes from the Nahuatl language .

Me and my friend Paulina left the Mexico City in search of a quiet place nearby.  Our journey started from Mexico City at 9 in the morning. Road to the Aculco is very nice, you may face some traffic on special occasions, but usually its quite and with a good pace. We evident breathtaking landscapes, and small hills, on the way.  We left the highway to a small road for Aculco central.

I really loved the organization of this small place. The streets are made of stuffed stones, although they are narrow, and without signal system, but the policemen are active to manage the traffic. There is a central park, around which all the shops are organized. The whole place is painted with white and have black highlights. One can find, restaurants, cafe, bars, shops for cheese and of other general things. The people from the town are warm welcoming and very humble. We spent sometime there and then we left to our next stop, Cascada de La Concepcion, it’s a small waterfall, located 15 minutes away from Aculco central.

Even though the town is small and beautiful still it is totally untouched from the crowd and pollution of Mexico City. One can visit this place to find an escape from the rush and  to enjoy a peaceful day with nature.

( This trip was planned by my friend and guide Paulina, she also clicked all these beautiful pictures from her iphone.)


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