Chapultepec castle, Mexico City

“Civilizations rise and fall, what they leave behind are the lessons for generations.”

“Walking in the streets, working in the office or its time with the family, we keep thinking of right and wrong. From our common perceptions to the very important decisions of life, we keep struggling to prove ourselves. From buying a pen to investments for life, our predictions,  and the feeling of being right, always dominates us. Take a second and  retrospect your life, and answer yourself, aren’t the attempts of being “ALWAYS” right, damaging your life more than your mistakes. Remember your close relationships that you lost just to prove yourself “RIGHT”.  The moment we prejudice against our versions of reality, our biased attempts could kill all that we loved once. lets just accept the fact that it could go wrong, let’s just accept our mistakes and learn from them, let’s just move ahead and rectify ourselves to be a better person.”

Recently i visited, Chapultepec castle in mexico city,  located on Chapultepec hill, at the 2325 meters above sea level. The site of the hill was a sacred place for Aztecs, and the buildings atop it have served several purposes during its history, including that of Military Academy, Imperial residence, Presidential home, observatory, and presently, the National Museum of History.

(These wonderful pictures are taken by me and my friends- SRIKANTH, and MARIA ELENA.)


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