Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“A moment once lived, now a memory”

How astonishing it is, a moment once lived, now a memory. We search life back in the hard drives of our PCs and  cell phones and suddenly a pic captured months or years ago, captivate us, fill us with the thrills and remind us the smiles shared, adventures lived, moreover, about once important people, now badly missed.

Life’s irony that it’s DYNAMIC. Its moving ahead every second, quietly, passing in days, we all are learning to survive, struggling to find our existence among the delusions and false webs of materialism. When efforts become experiences that turns black hair into gray or once active metabolism into obesity, astonishing this all goes very quietly. Sitting at the sea shore, cold moist breezes fondling hairs, amid the confluence of the ocean’s infinity, sand, sun and water touching our feats, we try to find our lives. Then we notice waves of water, coming every second, again and again, without asking why and how? again and again, no matter its who, what age, caste, color or creed, they just do their job. It makes us feel alive again, to forget what doesn’t deserve a space in our tiny head, to help us understand that everything that matters is just one breath away, inhale it full and let everything the way it should be.

Who knows the motive of life, perhaps just flow with the rhythm, let it find its way, and all that we need to do is to follow our heart, do what makes us and others happy, conclude our life  with every breath giving curves on our cheeks and others.,, yaah ,, “who knows??”……………….


“Puerto Vallarta  is a Mexican beach resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. Puerto Vallarta was once named as La ciudad más amigable del mundo which means “The Friendliest City in the World,” which is evident as the sign reads when entering from Nayarit.

Recently i visited this city with my  friends and I could confess this city left me amazed not just  with its tourism-friendly attitude but with breathtaking beaches and islands moreover with shots of tequila and amazing night clubs. sharing some of my experiences as shots captured by us during our stay there.”




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