Camouflage- Chapter-4


Its normal, all normal, like it always was, everything in perfect order. Someone just disappeared, but all going as it always went, like he was never there.  That morning, I didn’t find Ramya, I needed to ask her,

what’s happening to Rahul, will he be back paralyzed like others? Where was he? What was happening there?

Why exactly we all were there, none of us showed strong symptoms of any mental disorders. Some incidence happened and we all ended up there.

My family left me there, the reason of which I didn’t know, they never visited me, I didn’t know why? I adapted, became ignorant, survived here, because of Rahul. My only hope, and they just took him, again, I didn’t know why?

Memories, how tangible and terrible they could be, at the same time. His smile, his words, his care, his simple attitude towards problems, all running in my head. I was sitting on my bed, at the edge, shaking my leg, desperately watching at the door, waiting for Ramya. After some time,  I slowly walked towards the door and try to peep outside. Ramya and Rajesh were in an argument on something, and she was crying really bad. A well dressed, guard with a black rod and walkie-talky in his hand, was coming towards them. Hastily they finished the conversation, and Rajesh came back to the gate, and Ramya opened the door. I hided myself behind the door, Ramya felt my presence and she stopped after two steps from the door. As she looked back i ran to her and grabbed her around her waist and hold her tightly. I forgot everything, I was crying loud and repeating again and again, “why, why, why???” When I looked up, she was also crying. I never felt this bond before with anyone, but for this moment she was everything to me. I felt the divine flow of emotions between us.

She was looking at me, like she was saying how coercible they were for me and Rahul.

She came down on her knees “all will be OK, I know how you feel.” She was sobbing and wiping my tears, together.

“How did you let it happen?” I mumbled., “They will take me as well one day and will make me like them and you will not do anything.” I yelled with pain in my words.

She hugged me tightly, “I will never let them take you baby, I will fix it.” I felt little relaxed. Before I could ask her anything more, she fondled my hair and put her palms on my cheeks, “you must trust me, I will do everything to save you and Rahul. We are getting out of here. But you have to be quiet, ….. don’t cry….. behave normal and don’t tell anything to anyone …… I am going to take us out. Ok baby. Just trust me.” she kissed me on forehead and took me back to my bed. Then she went back to Rajesh.

I tried to behave normal for rest of the day, though every second passing by, was stuffed with memories of Rahul. I was like a think tank of unsolved mysteries.  I was not able to eat anything. Sequence of unsolved questions, iterating in my head all day, albeit I tried to behave as normal as it could be.

I waited whole day, if she comes back with Rahul or at least to inform me what’s going on, but she didn’t. I ate some rice in dinner and went to bed to depict my normalcy. At 10 o clock they switch off the lights and close the door, as start of sleeping hours. I knew no one is going to do anything for him, that’s how things were there, so I decided to jump in and solve my issues by self.

I always loved Hollywood movies, I knew buildings like this have internal connections for ventilations and maintenance. Just outside that hall, there was a waiting room with a door opening in the next side of balcony. The washroom of the waiting room was adjacent to our washroom. Still reaching to that trunk was challenging, but I was sure I will figure out something. I waited till midnight, to everything became very quiet.

To keep my creative mechanical skills alive they gave me a tool kit with screwdrivers and grippers. I took my kit, and quietly went to washroom. The door to the maintenance chamber, that i guessed was common for both the washrooms, was locked, but luckily, all the fittings were on screw. I had to struggle a little with my screw driver to open the whole fitting, but there I was. I crossed the ventilation chamber and found a way to visiting room, which was empty by that hour. I found the map of the hospital and located a ventilation entrance nearby. By using chairs in waiting room, I reached the panel and entered in ventilation pipe.

I was scared and trembling, but I knew if something went wrong, the worst that could happen, I will also end up like others. Eventually that was going to happen with or without try. Load and saturation of my sufferings was way more than my fear. I wanted to see Rahul and I wanted the answers at any cost and I was ready for it.

I memorized the map and started moving ahead, one by one, peeking in the rooms. I heard some voices. I interpreted it as presentation or explanation gathering, but at this hour? A tall man in well maintained formal clothes, was speaking flawlessly regarding some bio technique. well whatever it was, I decided to move ahead, but picture in the next slide, froze me up to see rest of the presentation. I was a kid, I didn’t understand what they were talking then, but trust me, my desperation to find Rahul pushed me to listen every single word the way that I remember every bit of it even today.

As a clinical trial analyst, now I clearly understand what exactly it was.  Dr. R.K. Mehal (the devil for me) found a way to use human as a bioreactor. Yes bioreactor, where they could use human body to produce the desired substance. Obviously, it was illegal, so this meeting was the gathering of buyers from Drug industry and dr. Devil was explaining them this biotechnique was a success. NpL6, is a molecule, a neurotransmitter enhancer that could produce 1000 times more effect than heroin.  They found a way to introduce a gene in the hypothalamus of brain, that could trigger production and release of these particles in blood by various glands of body. That could be easily retrieved from their blood, by simple dialysis. So, after thousand times dilutions, the amount gained in single dialysis was worth big amount of money. I didn’t know then why they choose kids for their research, but we were preferred targets. Once after the insertion the same individual will produce NpL6 for 15 to 20 years or whole life as prediction. The only flaw was the insertion of gene in hypothalamus, was taking away kid’s senses. The part I missed, what special they found with Rahul, that he was in the slide.

How pity, finest human mind is trying to find how to use human body as a bioreactor to harness money.

I was really distressed, breathing heavily, I didn’t know what they did with the Rahul.

Was he…….?????? still alive or they dissected him, like a lab rat to know about Npl6.

After Dr. devil finished talking, they started moving to another room, for live imaging of a test subject. I followed them through vent, but it didn’t go inside the room. I was scared but I wanted to see who was this important test subject 72. I found the vent outlet near the room, and slowly came down. Standing beside the door in the corner, I tried to peep inside the room. This room had big screens showing the live diagnosis of the subject 72. Among statics and live levels of the Npl6, I came to know that this subject 72 was Rahul. I understood that he was a successful experiment, while other 71 before they failed it, how or what I didn’t get then.

Every neuron in my body was fully attentive and focused to find a solution, hoping to find a way to get us out of there.

But how??


I noticed that Dr. Devil was very happy, after the promising response from the buyers. They all settle and turned back to the conference room again. Shit, but I was stuck as I can’t return to vent again.

They were about to open the door……

Ummmm…. ummmm…..

(someone grabbed me from the back, putting a handkerchief over my mouth that made me unconscious…….)

To be continued… 






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