“Sitting beside the seashore watching the sun and thinking about life.”
How amazing it would be RIGHT???
     But bitter the truth, we travel, we explore and we learn, but always forget the realities we live among in our daily life. Yeah I know a million dollar argument, That’s why we travel, to find the peace it heals us, it refreshes us,, Blah Blah….
The point is, its better to find peace within our lives, let’s find satisfaction, let’s try to look beyond our excuses of miseries and let’s just sit and negotiate with life to way out of that stress that making you sick by every passing day. How difficult it would be to accept some realities or just a tear or two with your loved one to confess a mistake. How hard it’s gonna be to forgive someone over a smile.
          Release those strings just for a day and find peace with your life then look around, you will see the same world more beautiful more decorated more colorful. That would give you an absolute perception of traveling when you actually look at the sunset for not to look away from your life but to embrace the reality of cyclic rotation of light and dark, good and bad and that this will happen again but I will smile and embrace whatever the waves of times put forward for me.
IMG_4087 shot captured by me- at La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico City.
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3 thoughts on “sunset

  1. A Escritora | Portfólio Apr 23, 2019 — 6:28 pm

    You are right. We should make peace with our daily lives and, if something is wrong and putting us sick or unhappy, we should change it. Being able to smile every day is, for me, a sign of strengh.


  2. “How difficult it would be to accept some realities or just a tear or two with your loved one to confess a mistake.” Is more necessary than we realize.


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