Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"A moment once lived, now a memory" How astonishing it is, a moment once lived, now a memory. We search life back in the hard drives of our PCs and  cell phones and suddenly a pic captured months or years ago, captivate us, fill us with the thrills and remind us the smiles shared, adventures lived, moreover, about once important people, [...]

Chapultepec castle, Mexico City

"Civilizations rise and fall, what they leave behind are the lessons for generations." "Walking in the streets, working in the office or its time with the family, we keep thinking of right and wrong. From our common perceptions to the very important decisions of life, we keep struggling to prove ourselves. From buying a pen to investments for life, our [...]

Camouflage- Chapter-3

They took him....... The first night in an asylum, where everyone thought that you were crazy, a bed smelled like shit, a caretaker who was scary as ghost and the only face of similar age, made me scared like hell.  I tried to convince myself that he was crazy, as all of them were there. My fingers were wrapped with bandages and stitches on my head.  I could feel the thrust of blood at the finger [...]


"Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff (Chitta) from taking various forms (Vrttis)" First, we need to understand what Chitta is, and what are these Vrttis. The waves of thought in the Chitta are called Vrtti (“the whirlpool” is the literal translation). What is thought? Thought is a force, as is gravitation or repulsion. It is absorbed from the infinite storehouse of force in nature; the instrument called Chitta takes hold of that force, [...]

A trip to small town Aculco

The municipality of Aculco is located in the Mexican highlands, one and half hour by road from Mexico City ; It is part of the State of Mexico and its municipal seat bears the official name of Aculco de Espinoza (formerly San Jerónimo Aculco ). It belongs to the Jilotepec region and is located in the northwestern part of the State, bordering the State of Querétaro .  The town of Aculco was founded around [...]