Camouflage- Chapter-3

They took him....... The first night in an asylum, where everyone thought that you were crazy, a bed smelled like shit, a caretaker who was scary as ghost and the only face of similar age, made me scared like hell.  I tried to convince myself that he was crazy, as all of them were there. My fingers were wrapped with bandages and stitches on my head.  I could feel the thrust of blood at the finger… Continue reading Camouflage- Chapter-3

Camouflage- Chapter-2

The Devil comes at night I lost it again, the keys of the garage. I was always considered careless, though I kept struggling with that feeling. That morning, dad gave me the keys of garage to give it to Ramu (our servant). After thunderstorms of last night, Garage was full of leaves from trees of… Continue reading Camouflage- Chapter-2

Camouflage- Chapter-1

Unbiased Nature – you get what you want. There was a time when things were valued in lives of people. They used better illustrations from science and nature to explain humanity. For me, it was always the perfect way to learn and reveal what you are or what you can be. I still remember, that evening, when I took a… Continue reading Camouflage- Chapter-1