In response to today's daily promt, Vague. Vague for me is one of the most Intriguing phenomenon of nature's work. The uncertainty in occurrence of  everyday things, from Universal events to the things happening in our lives, formation of clouds to devastating earthquakes, from births to deaths, from luck to mishaps, all that comes unplanned [...]

Camouflage- Chapter-1

Unbiased Nature – you get what you want. There was a time when things were valued in lives of people. They used better illustrations from science and nature to explain humanity. For me, it was always the perfect way to learn and reveal what you are or what you can be. I still remember, that evening, when I took a [...]

How to do Meditation- Guide for Beginners

How to do meditation- Guide for beginners As you are reading this article, I assume you already know what meditation is? If no, then I would strongly recommend you to read my previous article “What is meditation” before going further. I believe the prime motivation for our actions, is to know “why". Likewise, it’s important [...]

What is meditation

You might have seen about yoga and meditation, while scrolling down web pages on the internet and you ignored it like you ignored those shitty advertisements displayed unnecessarily. Or you may have ended up with “SOME DAY PERHAPS” when you were passing by a gathering performing yoga in the morning or when a friend tried to [...]

Life- Beginning of everything

chapter-1 Revelations by Science The most intrigue feature about life that it is a virtue though it’s not materialistic, but it is a combined output of assemblage of large molecules and a vast network of reactions we call Metabolism. Now we know that all living creatures are made of cells which are considered as fluid [...]